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Biocarbon compounding concentrates

Carbon and plastics are indispensable in our life however plastics are mostly made of fossil petrochemicals.

In order to reduce the fossil CO2 footprint, the plastic industry is looking for ways to make plastics more climate (environmentally) friendly, with potentially adding specific functionalities and without compromising on the quality.

Embedding renewable biocarbons in polymers is one of the solutions, however technically challenging. Carboganic offers solutions for these challenges.


We are the expert in the field of biocarbon tailoring and thermoplastic formulations & applications.

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Application driven expertise to defossilize polymers

We help making biocarbons suitable for compounding of thermoplastics by means of tailoring and formulating in function of a specific application. This results in Biocarbon Capture To Utilisation (BC2U) in the form of biocarbon compounding concentrates, customized for the application. We help making the most suitable recipes for compounders and producers of plastics.


With our application driven expertise we provide a solution to defossilize polymers, without having to compromise on price, availability and quality. In this way we contribute to the avoidance of fossil carbon and (bio)carbon capture.

Bringing together biocarbon and plastics
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Matching biocarbon supply with plastics industries demand


We match biocarbon supply with the demand of the plastic industry via the integration of our tailoring & formulation technology.

We integrate our tailoring and formulation know-how into biocarbon production plants in order to formulate biocarbon compounding concentrates, named BC2U (Biocarbon Capture To Utilisation) or functional biocarbon masterbatches.

What we offer
Applying biocarbon to defossilize & improve polymers

See here the key features and benefits for compounders of Carboganic BC2U engineered biocarbons versus conventional and natural non-modified fibers:

- Features of BC2U engineered biocarbons
- Benefits of BC2U engineered
- Benefits for biocarbon producers of making BC2U engineered biocarbons

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Polymers defossilized

Read more about the appliations for compounders and for 3D printing.

Examples for compounders are automotive interior and exterior dashboard, bikes, power tools, furniture and more.

We provide fully engineered 3D-printable compounds for FDM (Fused Granulate Fabrication, filaments) in different materials. Like orthopaedical applications, tiny houses, immersive applications sounds/gaming and more.

From pyrolysis to compounding

Engineering functional biocarbon masterbatches

We make biocarbon suitable for thermoplastics by means of modification and formulation.

Biocarbon can be used as a functional, renewable additive for conventional plastics and bioplastics, however modification is necessary to enable plastic compounding.

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