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Applying biocarbon to defossilize & improve polymers

The key features and benefits for compounders of Carboganic BC2U engineered biocarbons versus conventional and natural non-modified fibers are:


Features of BC2U engineered biocarbons
  • Light weight

  • Thermostable

  • Stiffness enhancing

  • Improved flow characteristics of polymers

  • Compatibility with polymers due to the physical and chemical nature of biocarbon

  • UV resistant

  • Black natural pigment

Benefits of BC2U engineered biocarbons
  • Contributing to fossil carbon avoidance and removal by renewable functional additives

  • Allowing a stable compounding process with the formulations of our homogeneous biocarbon masterbatches

  • Adding unique product features to thermoplastic applications

  • Cost competitive, value for money

Benefits for biocarbon producers of making BC2U engineered biocarbons
  • Adding higher value to biocarbon versus energy markets

  • Solid industrial buyers

  • Heterogenous applications allow a selective market approach

  • No seasonality secures a more steady and predictable demand

  • Allows claiming an undisputed contribution to (bio)carbon capture and utilization

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