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Bringing together biocarbon and plastics

We match biocarbon supply with the demand of the plastic industry via the integration of our tailoring & formulation technology.

We integrate our tailoring and formulation know-how into biocarbon production plants in order to formulate biocarbon compounding concentrates, named BC2U (Biocarbon Capture To Utilisation) or functional biocarbon masterbatches.

These masterbatches can be applied in the majority of thermoplastic applications. Nevertheless, we have a focus on ‘engineered plastics’.

We develop the formulations in our laboratory in BlueChem Antwerp (BE) and validate them at scale in our future demo-plant in Temse (BE).

For compounding trials, we make these functional biocarbon masterbatches in-house and supply industrial trial volumes at reasonable cost.

Carboganic is a knowledge & application driven company, ready for industrial scale up. We offer licenses on the formulated BC2U polymer masterbatches to compounders as well as integration of our biocarbon tailoring expertise via licenses to biocarbon producers.


We play the role of functional biocarbon masterbatch supply chain integrator and thus matching biocarbon supply with industrial compounding demands.

This enables polymers to (partially)defossilize.

Modifying standard biocarbon into technical biocarbon

Biocarbon is the result of the conversion of biomass through a pyrolysis process. We have a focus on biocarbon made from residual woody biomass (e.g. wood, nutshells, olive stones).


By modifying the biocarbon to a tailored, safe and easy to handle material, we create a technical biocarbon.

Creating engineered biocarbon from the technical biocarbon

We customize the technical biocarbon to an engineered biocarbon (BC2U) by combining the biocarbon with polymers and specific additives to functional biocarbon masterbatches directly suitable for compounding.

By incorporating biocarbon into thermoplastic polymers, we reduce the CO2 footprint of fossil polymers and contribute to fossil carbon removal.

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